Classes Offered


Classical Ballet Technique:

Ballet classes include an introduction to character, mime, core control and stretching. We have 6 levels of ballet technique: Pre-School level (ages 3-4), Diamonds (ages 5-7), Emeralds (Introductory Level), Petipa (Beginning/Intermediate), Ashton (Intermediate), and Balanchine (Advanced).

            Pointe, Junior Pointe and Pointe Preparation

            Classical Variations

Healthy You Series:

            Anatomy for the Dancer


            Improving Flexibility

            Injury Prevention

            Understanding and Strengthening Turnout

            Foot and Core Control

            Nutrition for the Dancer

           Training Q&A

Contemporary Dance:

We offer a wide variety of dance styles outside of the strictly classical realm to give students an outlet to to explore different forms of movement, expression, and learning methods.





 Hip Hop


Additional opportunities include:



       Worship Dance

Performance Ensemble – Encore Dance Project 

Private Coaching for Classical and Contemporary work


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