A note from one of ATTD’s Alumni!

The word that I’ve used to describe A Time To Dance is sanctuary. A safe place that makes you feel welcome and secure. I started dancing at ATTD when it first opened in the fall of 2011 and it filled a desperate need for good training, a healthy environment, and even the need for God centered thinking in dance. Taking classes at A Time To Dance and being a part of the family there broke down the barriers of perfectionism, self-criticism, lowself esteem, and negativity that I had so long held in my life and replaced them with principles of God confidence, positive thinking, being others-centered, and seeing yourself truthfully with all the gifts that you’ve been given. Everyone at the studio is so genuinely kind and caring and I know that the friends that I’ve made there are those that will stick with me till the very end.
Beyond being a place of good morale and principals, A Time To Dance has also equipped me with training that is healthy, efficient, and constructive. The instructors there instill layers of technique and artistry into your dancing while teaching you how to work safely and correctly. They desire for you to learn how to get the results you desire without going through extreme, injurious measures to get there. They care for your well-being, but at the same time they push you to limits that you thought were unachievable, and I know that that kind of training is what helped me enter the professional world of dance.
Now, as a professional dancer with Nevada Ballet Theatre, I look forward to returning to A Time To Dance because in a world that is often critical and abrasive, this studio is a sanctuary. I always feel so blessed when I walk through those doors and I know that God has worked through ATTD to teach me how I can be a blessing to my company. Thank you for the training, love, support, and prayers that you have given to me these past 6 years! I look forward to seeing all the welcoming faces of my friends and teachers again when I finish this next season.

Many blessings,



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