Dear A Time to Dance students and instructors, 

I am so grateful for my time at A Time to Dance. Thank you for creating an encouraging, healthy, Christ-centered, and kind environment for me to learn and to grow in. It means so much to me that I got to not only be instructed in classical ballet technique, but also form wonderful friendships. The community and environment at A Time to Dance is incredibly unique within the arts community, and for that I am so grateful.

Before the age of 15, I had never taken a true classical ballet technique class. I had been in various dance classes for most of my life, but never any that provided solid technique or proper placement. Around freshman year of high school, a close friend of mine and I started talking about wanting to take a real ballet class, learn all the cool tricks we had seen videos of people doing, and maybe dance en pointe. So, we stared researching dance studios in Colorado Springs, and somehow discovered the A Time to Dance website. We decided to go check out their spring recital. We both attended the recital and loved it. I took my first ATTD class that fall.

I went in with high expectations that I would progress extremely fast, learn a ton of the cool tricks I had seen people doing, and be doing 32 fouettés by the end of the year. Needless to say, that did not happen. I had a lot of misconceptions about what ballet class was, and what proper technique looked and felt like. I had no idea the time, energy, and thought I would need to pour into my dancing in order to improve. 

Even though I have never done 32 fouettés in a ballet class, I gained so much more than that in my time at ATTD. I learned how to commit to something for an extended period of time and not always see results immediately. Ballet is hard, there’s no other way to put it. It takes long hours spent in the studio in order to start seeing even the smallest of improvements. I have learned the value of hard work, how to better apply myself in class, and how to take and apply corrections. I have gained much better body awareness and control. I now have a greater appreciation of ballet as an athletic art form and the strength and skill it takes to complete even the seemingly simplest of steps.

Mrs. Holly, thank for teaching me through example to walk through life with grace. Thank you for your gentle corrections and teaching me how to dance with a quiet strength. Thank you for taking your time to teach us valuable information about our bodies, muscle groups, and ballet terminology. 

Mrs. Jeri, thank you for encouraging me to always place my trust in Jesus. Thank you for creating such a great environment to learn and grow in. Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me, especially throughout my injury. 

Fellow students, thank you for your kind words, moments of laughter, and constant encouragement. I have loved being in classes with you all these past few years. I will miss you and wish you all the best! 

Much love,

Ainslee Nipper 

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