My time at A Time to Dance was so much more than a season. Dance has been my life for the past fifteen years and I feel like I’ve grown up here at ATTD as I’ve spent the last six with them. One of the most important things that ATTD has gifted me with over the years, was the gift of an environment to grow as an artist. That environment became vital to my individual development, whether it was through artistic freedom in classwork, or the opportunity to choreograph on my peers, ATTD has fostered that development. I couldn’t talk about my growth as an artist without giving due credit to my instructors. Without their encouragement, knowledge, guidance, and their individual style and artistry, my own growth would not be possible. Because of them, I was allowed to explore the ways in which movement could be used not only to communicate, but to inspire my audience; to explore how boundaries could not only be tested, but pushed forward. I am forever grateful for the nurturing


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