To my ATTD family, 

   I cant believe that this time with you has come to a close. The years that I have spent within the walls of this studio have been the happiest years of my life. When God called me to find a new studio, I am so thankful He guided me to you. You took a very physically and emotionally broken dancer and turned her into a thoroughly happy and healthy person. My time at ATTD meant more to me than words could ever express.

    From the very beginning when I walked in to have my first class to every class that followed, I have felt nothing but love come into my life. From the teachers who challenged me to grow to the goofy moments in the dressing rooms with friends, I know I was blessed to have such incredible people surrounding me. I am who I am today because of the influences all of you have had on my life, and the lessons I learned extend beyond the studio into every aspect of my life. 

Ms. Jeri-I have learned so much from your guidance and wisdom. I loved coming into dance everyday and seeing you; you never failed to ask me how I was doing which meant so much to me because I knew you genuinely cared. I treasure the how are yous that turned into conversations that left me refreshed and spiritual challenged in the very best ways. You taught me how to be perseverant, vulnerable, and how to be a servant leader. You are an exemplary woman for Christ that I am blessed to have as a role model in my life. 

Ms. Holly-from you I have grown as an artist and a person. Starting with the very first class I took from you I knew that I was in a safe environment to make mistakes and grow from them. As a dancer, I came to understand that as a dancer it is not about how many pirouettes I can do or the height of my leg; it is about sharing. Sharing Gods gift to me with others. Sharing a story with the audience. Sharing an emotion with those around me. As a person, I developed what you called a quiet strength. While that was applicable to my dancing, Ive seen it impact so many other aspects of my life. I am honored to have someone to inspire me everyday.

Ms. Anna-you brought peace and love into my life. Without fail you loved on each person in class no matter if it was a warm up class the day of show or a one on one. I learned in those years how powerful that can be; loving on everyone not only impacts individuals, it impacts the entire dynamic of a group of people. You also instilled in me a calming spirit. Even in the moments of high anxiety like before going on stage for YAGP or waiting on the results of an MRI, you taught me the importance of finding my peace and trusting that God is in control. I am so appreciative of having you as my mentor.

Ms. Ilana-I am so thankful that I got to spend my last few months at ATTD getting to know you. You brought such joy and energy into my life. From you I learned what it means to do a combination knowing exactly how many turns I will do. This is something that has impacted the way I dance and the way I look at life. I understand now how to look at the big picture of what is in front of me. It does not matter if I do four pirouettes if I am off the music for the rest of the combination; similarly, it does not matter if I can do one thing well if I miss the goal as a whole. Thank you for pushing me to always be my best.

    I know that now as I head off to college and go into the world that my time at ATTD will never truly end because my heart remains with my ATTD family. Thank you for all you have done for me! I love you all so very much!

Katie Heaston

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