As someone who came into the ballet world at a pretty late age, I believe God placed me at A Time To Dance at just the right time. I began dancing at the age of eight, but it wasn’t till I was almost fifteen that I started to pursue ballet. Starting ballet as a 14 year old was daunting. I spent those next five years “catching up” on everything I should have already known. By the time God brought me to A Time To Dance, I already knew all the names of steps and how I was supposed to execute them, however, what I was missing was the knowledge and the understanding of the mechanics behind the movements in ballet. To be able to know and understand how and why your body can and can’t do certain things has been the most valuable tool I have acquired. Not only did this knowledge improve my dancing, it also helped me change my perfectionist attitude toward dance. The teachers at A Time To Dance helped me learn how to look at my mistakes from a very logical angle and use my mistakes to help me grow instead of beating myself up. Outside of the classrooms at A Time To Dance, I fell in love with the community of dancers and appreciated how loving and welcoming each and every one of them was to me. Jeri welcomed me with open arms, and her staff, Holly Marble and Anna Bridge, have supported me this whole year. Through Nutcracker pains, audition season, and a recent injury, their constant support and knowledge has helped me emotionally, physically, and mentally. I am so grateful for my time at this studio, the friends I’ve made, and the knowledge I’ve gained. I know I will carry these with me into these next years as I continue to pursue at the Alonzo King Lines Ballet Training Program.
Maddie Douglas

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