Our facility offers:

 Professionally built sprung floors* with a Marley** overlay for optimal safety for young growing bodies

  • High ceilings and natural light in each studio
  • Viewing windows
  • Shared and private lobbies
  • Student area
  • Performance space with sprung floors
  • Easy access off of the freeway
  • Ample parking

*A sprung floor is a floor that has been built especially for activity that would otherwise put great stress on the joints and bones of the body primarily through repetition and jumping. By raising the floor off of the cement foundation and using space and or shock absorbing materials, the floor absorbs much of the impact of the movement instead of the body. This promotes a healthier environment for working on reducing the chance of injury and increasing longevity.

**A Marley floor is a specialized dance floor that is laid on top of the sprung floor and taped into place. Both the floor and the tape are designed to provide an ideal, uniform surface for all dance shoes. (Many floors are too slippery or sticky to work safely and confidently). This again reduces the chance for injury.

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