We have a welcoming family-centered school that strives to include and educate parents in their child’s dance development (See Parent’s Page)

  • Great care is taken in supporting the students through honest feedback and knowledge in a mutual relationship of respect and appreciation of the student’s goals and dreams
  • Within every class, thoughtful communication indicating progress as well as areas for improvement are given to each student
  • Students learn to appreciate the process(rather than an end result), detail and quality of their work, challenging themselves while enjoying the rewards of their hard work and the beauty of the art form
  • The faculty infuses the environment with a balanced, healthy approach to training and receiving corrections, while promoting a strong work ethic
  • Individual milestones and effort are recognized, mistakes are looked upon as growth gaining information, and excellence is pursued instead of perfectionism

Research shows that a positive “motivational climate” in class and rehearsal is directly linked to less anxiety, more creativity, greater control and ability to focus.

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