Mission Statement

To assist each student in achieving their full potential technically and artistically while encouraging them in their dance goals. 

Purpose Statement

The book of Ecclesiastes states that there is a time and season for every event under heaven: “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.” A Time to Dance exists to instruct, encourage and inspire students in their season of dance to ‘make His praises glorious’.

We serve our families with uncompromising integrity, uplifting respect and a high standard of technical excellence. 

“Let us praise His name with dancing” (Psalms 149:3). A Time to Dance provides technical and spiritual dance training and strives to uphold God’s standard of instruction in the arts. We view our performances as a platform to present a visual and artistic witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We believe that worship in the arts is an essential part of any thriving society. We believe that the arts encourage, heal, bring hope and increase the spiritual strength of a community. 

A Time to Dance makes every effort to awaken and stimulate the artistic potential in students, so they can discover and steward the gifts and talents the Lord has given to each of them. We encourage each student to leave this world better than they found it by reaching outside of themselves to become instruments of God’s will and touch others for His glory. 

Our earnest desire is to honor Christ in all we do.

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