Anatomy and Dance

Structurally sound anatomical alignment is imperative to longevity and minimizing injury. Aligning the skeleton to carry the weight of the body and directing the muscles to do the “job” they are designed to do, are key factors in safety and correct movement patterns especially when paired with turnout*. Turnout is assessed for each student’s body, and students are given the guidance and knowledge of how to work within their individual potential. Turnout is challenged but never forced.

*Turnout is an inherent part of ballet where the thigh bone is turned outward in the hip socket. Several factors determine the range or amount of turnout each dancer can achieve safely. If this is not taught with knowledge and care, injury can occur over time. A ballet dancer must be given great detail, specific exercises and an appreciation for the importance of not “cheating” to successfully dance utilizing their full range of turnout with control. It is a common mistake to turnout from the feet (versus the hip) and think one is achieving turnout. This is dangerous in many ways to the body and creates an ideal environment for injury.

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