ATTD values each one of you and your loved ones. We will comply with the El Paso County guidelines regarding mask wearing.

Governor Polis has issued a state mandate for all people 10 and older to wear a mask inside any building. Please wear your mask and/or an ionizer to adhere to this law. You may have seen miniature air ionizers, usually worn around the neck, that remove airborne pollutants and floating viruses and bacteria from your breathing space. ATTD realizes some may not be able to wear a mask and we strongly suggest an ionizer in place of a mask.

We will endeavor to have the dancers spaced (if students have close exposure to each other outside of the studio, we won’t require them to socially distance within the studio and share a barre. They will be counted as 1 towards our maximum capacity for class).

Our instructors will continue to be faithful to use disinfectant wipes on surfaces

We will offer Zoom for those unable to attend

Classes will be offered on a first come-first serve basis until they fill up. To stay below our maximum students allowed in the classroom, we will have to spread the students out.

There will be extra classes, recorded classes, and as we stated above, Zoom classes We will continue to offer a mask class where students and instructor will wear a mask

If your dancer is feeling sick, please do not give your them ibuprofen/Tylenol etc. to make him/her feel better prior to coming to class. There are plenty of make-up opportunities and we will ask you to be considerate of the other students and keep yours at home. They can Zoom that day if need be. If your dancer has been sick and all symptoms are gone except for a prolonged cough, please have them wear a mask to class. We will wear one as well for a prolonged cough. If there’s any indication at all, that your dancer is ill, we will ask you to pick them up immediately.