Parents and audience members will always be comfortable with the material that is presented and the costume choices made for all dancers. Dancers have the opportunity to perform extra pieces if they become a member of our performing company, Encore Dance Company.

Two-part, Year-end Performance

We enhance the learning curve and performance experience by showcasing a 2-part, year-end performance, which includes an in-studio class demonstration as well as a thematic performance in a theater. This gives the students the opportunity to perform their class work, as well as providing the shared experience of being a part of a dramatic production while getting stage and theatrical experience.

A Time To Dance’s American Nutcracker

Inspired by the American Girl stories, A Time To Dance has created it’s very own unique rendition of the classic Nutcracker tale. Auditions are held annually for young dancers 6 years of age and up to participate in this beautiful holiday tradition that gives them the opportunity to share the joy and magic of the Christmas season through their art.

Check out our promo for the Nutcracker on our Gallery Page!

Acting Experience

Our acting classes offer beginning to forward-looking acting lessons, and consist of everything
from a foundation in acting to stage involvement. Much more than performing arts skills, our
skilled instructors help children build confidence, critical thinking skills and creativity in an
enjoyable, spirited and energetic environment.
Voice classes are a basic introduction for the first-time student to singing lessons. The stretches, posture, breathing and register exercises are designed to be done at the beginning of every lesson before moving on to more current exercises. Regular repetition of this routine will help the young child mentally and physically “get in the zone” for each lesson, as well as reinforce proper
fundamental techniques. Each of the successive units is organized around a fundamental measure of musical pitch, from a basic introduction of the scale through each interval, up to half-steps and the minor scale. (Research has shown that by introducing each pitch interval individually from the smallest up, young children are able to more successfully build their pitch accuracy and tonal quality.)

Acting students will have the opportunity to perform acting roles in both the Nutcracker, and our end of year performance.

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