Parent Services and Opportunities

 ATTD strives to include and educate parents in their child’s dance development. We appreciate that you too have an enormous learning curve and desire to understand and share in your child’s love of dance.


Observing Class:

In addition to being able to watch classes through the viewing windows, there is one parent observation week in each semester of the school year. In the fall semester, parents are invited to an interactive parent-viewing week to better understand the learning process that their child is experiencing.


Healthy You Lecture Series:

As part of our educational philosophy, the ATTD faculty partners with parents, students and health care providers to instill healthy and balanced habits in our students.

Dance is an athletic endeavor that requires knowledge and support for a healthy body. These lectures are designed to educate and encourage both parents and students in important areas related to the dance field, a growing dancer’s body and answer questions about the school and the training the students are receiving.



Your questions and concerns are important to us. Please communicate with the school director should a question or concern arise. If a question needs further clarification by a faculty member, the director will contact them directly. Please respect our faculty’s precious time before, in between and after class. We never want to give a hurried response.



There are numerous opportunities to be involved in your child’s dance activity that allow you to better understand the dance world, the process of performances and share a precious experience with your child. You also assist ATTD, for which we are grateful.

These areas include helping in a dressing room backstage, ushering or assisting us in the auditorium, sewing* and laundering, setting up in the theater and set construction. On occasion, we also need adult performers.

*If you sew or would like to learn, we often offer a sewing group that meets to learn and work together in a social environment.



Q&A for the New Parent

            Is there a dance season like a soccer season? Can I enroll for 1 month at a time?

The typical dance studio has two semesters: the fall semester, which lasts from August to December, and the spring semester, which lasts from January to May. There is also a summer session, which is highly recommended for every dancer to attend so they can get experience from special guest instructors and grow in strength and maturity.

Yes. You can enroll by month, by season (fall or spring), or by dance year (August through May).


            What kind of “equipment” will my child need?

Depending on the classes your child is enrolled in, they will need an assortment of shoes and dance wear. Ballet classes require leotards (pink for pre-school through Pavlova and black for Taglioni through Fonteyn) pink convertible tights, split sole canvas ballet flats, and pointe shoes following completion of the pre-pointe curriculum. Contemporary classes require different shoes and dance wear depending on the style. For example, jazz shoes and jazz pants or capris for jazz classes, and hip hop sneakers with stretch pants, shorts, or capris and a fitted shirt for hip hop and breakdance. Make sure your dancer always comes to class with a water bottle and a snack if needed and has their hair in either a bun, french twist, or a ponytail for all Contemporary classes.


            Are there any requirements outside of the class I register my child for?

All of the requirements for the class your child is enrolled in are on the registration sheet and on the back class schedule. As long as you pay your tuition and fees for performances and make sure that your child has everything they need to be within the dress code, then you have met all the requirements.

Parents are always encouraged to volunteer their skills to help with dress rehearsals and performances. Whether you’re good at sewing, organizing, or just taking care of little ones, your help would be greatly appreciated!



Frequently Asked Questions

            Why do you follow a curriculum that includes multiple syllabi?

Our head ballet instructor, Holly Marble, has constructed a syllabus for A Time To Dance that takes the very best of the Royal Academy of Dance, Vaganova, and Ceccetti techniques to create a syllabus that is truly incredible. Every level of development takes the children’s age and physical maturity into consideration and guides them in safe technique, musicality, self expression, and movement exploration. We believe that through this curriculum we have discovered the healthiest and wisest trajectory for our students to learn, grow, and stay healthy through their training.

To read more about this topic, please visit our Curriculum page.


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