Thankful we found such a wonderful studio filled with love and talent



ATTD is a great place for young girls and boys to learn to dance AND become their very best people they can be.



I wanted to let you know also that I left the parent meeting wanting to cry because of the blessing that You, Holly and A Time to Dance are to our family.  It is such a blessing to have my daughter in such a nurturing, Christ-centered dance school.  Thank you so much for all you do!!  It doesn’t go un-noticed!



We started a conversation tonight about how great our girls get along together. I want to thank you so much for providing an environment where not only is that possible, but encouraged by you and your studio. I am so grateful that you are a part of our lives… my daughter absolutely loves being a part of ATTD!!! She came home from class tonight filled with endorphins, excited, happy, lighter than air, confident….I could go on and on! She is so excited for the upcoming year…thank you, thank you for all you do!!!!


Thanks for all your inspiration, we have watched her really grow into a responsible, godly young lady, and it’s nice that she has an out of church environment that loves Jesus!



We went and saw the Philharmonic Nutcracker last night, it was beautiful, but you know what, your dancers, and the performances ATTD has done, are even more beautiful…especially since most of the dancers are dancing for the glory of God!  The ATTD dancers are so talented!  My daughter was very glad and grateful that she tried out for ATTD Nutcracker.

Thank you Jeri for this godly ministry in our community.

God Bless you.


My daughter has attended A Time To Dance for the past 16 months and loves it so very much! The instruction is phenomenal, the teachers are so caring and the studio tone is very sweet and encouraging. We feel amazingly blessed to have our daughter at A Time To Dance and for her to experience the beauty of ballet with such excellence and joy!



The teachers meticulously plan safe and strategic classes to promote longevity and improvement for each dancer.



A Time To Dance has been such a positive experience for our whole family. The quality of the instruction is excellent, and the learning environment is very positive and encouraging. We have enjoyed watching our daughter progress in her ballet technique as well as learning other styles of dance such as lyrical and jazz. As a matter of fact, our daughter would like to sign up for every different class that is offered if she didn’t have that pesky homework to take up her time! We recommend ATTD to anyone who wants to explore dance for recreation or as a pre-professional student.



ATTD had been a total blessing to our family. We love the location, the staff, and the training. We could not find a better dance school environment for our children.



My girls have been dancing at a time to dance for almost 3 years now. I love the dance studio. Everybody is so sweet. The instructors are very adamant about keeping our dancers safe and healthy. They really focus on individual needs of each dancer and work to grow each dancers potential. The Productions are so well put together. I am so impressed.