Closure for inclement weather

  • please go to our ATTD Family Facebook page, or phone 719.232.5313 to hear a message advising if we will be closed.
  • if the weather changes while your dancer is in class; please don’t hesitate to come and pick them up.  Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Dress Code

  • Pre-School & Diamonds: Pink leotard and pink tights. Pink split sole canvas ballet slipper. Pink or black leg warmers and sweaters may be worn. 
  •  Rubies: Black leotard, pink tights and pink split sole canvas ballet slipper.  Pink or black leg warmers and sweaters may be worn.
  •  Swan Lake, Coppelia, Giselle, and Don Quixote: Black leotard, pink tights and pink split sole canvas ballet slipper. Students may wear a solid colored leotard of your choice on Saturdays. Ladies may wear a skirt for pointe and variation classes. Pink or black leg warmers and sweaters may be worn.
  • Contemporary Classes: Any solid colored leotard may be worn with pink or black tights, and plain black jazz pants, shorts or capris. Each style of dance requires a shoe preferable to its style. I.E. foot undies for contemporary, sneakers for hip hop and breakdance, and tap shoes for tap. These shoes aren’t required but they are highly recommended. No baggy shirts, short shorts, or visible sports bras.
  • Musical Theatre: Street clothes
  • Rehearsal Attire: Any solid colored leotard and a skirt are acceptable.
  • Hair: Classical buns or french twists are required for all ballet classes. Hair must be neatly pulled back into a pony tail for all classes other then ballet. Bangs are acceptable if at eyebrow length or above.

All levels: Leotards should be a basic line in nature. Camisole, tank, short sleeve and long sleeve are acceptable. Bra straps should not be visible.

Etiquette for All Dancers

  • Please mark all of your attire with your name to prevent loss.
  • To ensure safety for all students, we ask that they stay in our lobby while awaiting a ride, wear a cover up article of clothing while in the lobby of the building, going to and from the restrooms, and entering and leaving he building.
  • Please wait at the door for the teacher to acknowledge you and invite you in if you arrive after class has begun.
  • Call and leave a message if you will be absent.
  • Small earrings acceptable. No watches, bracelets or necklaces allowed in any classes.
  • Elastics and ribbons should be securely sewn on shoes. No safety pins.
  • Snacks and meals are to be eaten in the halls or viewing area only.

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