There’s going to be a lot happening at ATTD over this summer!! Along with our Summer Intensive, we also have our Broadway Camp starting next week! Featuring one of our new guest instructors, Ginger Allen!

Ginger Allen is an established vocal coach in the Denver Metro area.

Ginger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Vocal Performance. As a young, teenage artist, she trained with Janet Jackson’s producer while composing and falling in love with “soul” music. She then took to the road with those original compositions and raised money for Easter Seals on live telethons. In college, she learned to sing arias in French, German, and Italian while studying with the lead tenor of the Colorado Opera. Pulling from her training and theatre involvement, Ginger loves to work with students interested in singing Broadway selections. She is currently receiving master level training from Brett Manning, Jamie Vendera and Renee Grant Williams who are considered some of Nashville’s top vocal coaches.

She has performed for T.V. infomercials, Daystar Television Network as well as various radio commercials. She has also had the opportunity to do voice-overs for children’s books. In the recent past, she has been the vocal coach for the Air Force Academy Show Choir.

Ginger loves to teach private voice lessons and has done so for 23 years. She loves to take a student who likes to sing and grow them into a performer who can create artistry with excellent tools of grounded, vocal technique. She currently has 2 students who are signed with agents/producers in Nashville and L.A.

A Note From Ginger:
One-on-one voice lessons provides a wonderful opportunity for a teacher to really connect with each student’s personal goals and passions. From there, the student and teacher become a team, which centers on being very intentional on which songs/genre are chosen to ensure those goals are met. Each lesson begins with warm ups that teach correct breath support, extension of vocal range and muscle building exercises.
Protection of the voice is the #1 priority. Singing is like a marathon. A trained vocalist can sing beautifully for a lifetime when proper technique is used. This involves core support, speech level singing, vibrato, and correct placement.
Next comes artistry. The genre of music that the student is singing, comes with specific presentation of vowels, licks, resonance, phrasing, etc. This is where singing and voice lessons become really fun. The student learns how to sound “recordable” within that specific style. That’s why it’s so fun to sing pieces from every kind of form as it gives the student the balance of knowing how to approach each kind of genre. The goal of taking voice lessons is to produce a competent vocalist who is confident and prepared to perform any type of song with proficiency.












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