Tuition is based on a 36 week dance year and is calculated to stay constant regardless of absence, inclement weather, holidays, vacation, school closures and length of the dance month. We will follow D38’s closure policies, but will not close if school is delayed.

Make up classes are available in any class of the same level or lower level and may be made up within the month of the missed class or in the following month.

If you chose to leave ATTD within the month after you’ve paid tuition, you will NOT be refunded unless for medical reasons and with a stamped/signed note from a physician or by ATTD Director’s approval

Payments may be made online at or by check made out to ATTD or A Time To Dance. A payment box is located immediately to your left as you enter our lobby area. Registration, classes added or dropped, change of address or automatic payments can be accessed on your online portal: go to and click on parent/student page and the parent page will have a customer login link.


  • Unlimited Midsummer-Paquita level classes =  $240/month (does not include company or performance fees)
  • Unlimited Cinderella level classes and Pre-pointe = $120/month (does not include company or performance fees)
  • Family Package = $460/month unlimited number of dancer (does not include company or performance fees)

Individiual Class Rate

  • 30 minute class = $45.00/month
  • 45 minute class = $50.00/month
  • 1 class hour/week = $60.00/month
  • 2 class hours/week = $80.00/month
  • 3 class hours/week = $95.00/month

Drop-in Rate

One drop-in class for new students is $10 with registration. If the student registers for classes at A Time To Dance, $10 will be credited to the payer’s account with the first statement.

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