Building a Legacy of Excellence

Welcome to A Time to Dance, a dance school in Monument serving Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, and South Denver dancers. Thank you for considering our school. While excellence in technical training is an essential part of our vision, we first look at each student who enters our facility as a child of God. This allows us to nurture each student toward their God-given talents, helping them to see the gift and responsibility of those talents, and showing them how they can enrich the lives of others.

Next, we empower them with the tools and confidence necessary to reach those goals, and then we sincerely celebrate each individual’s path. Finally, we continually look for ways to achieve our high standards of training as we see the world of dance and its pedagogy (the science of teaching) as one that is steeped in history yet is constantly growing and evolving.

Our Approach

To develop the whole dancer we:

  • Prioritize our student’s safety and health

  • Utilize a well-structured curriculum created from extensive research of world-renowned syllabi overlaid with the most current dance science principles

  • Provide a faculty of mentors with extensive backgrounds that is committed to furthering their knowledge and working as a team to discuss how to invigorate the training process as well as the individual student       

  • Promote a welcoming family-centered environment where great care is taken in supporting the students through honest feedback and thoughtful communication in a mutual relationship of respect and appreciation while instilling the importance of detail, and the process and reaching towards one’s full potential.

  • Provide performance opportunities where students showcase their class work, as well as share the joy of being part of a dramatic production while gaining stage and theatrical experience

  • We assist them in looking at their place in the world of dance realistically while continuing to show them their value during the journey.

  • Individuals whose journey leads to careers outside of the dance field utilize the immeasurable attributes from having studied dance.

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Our Beliefs

  • We believe that worship in the arts is an essential part of any thriving society.

  • We believe that the arts encourage, heal, bring hope and increase spiritual strength.

  • We serve our families with uncompromising integrity, uplifting respect, and a high standard of technical excellence.


To assist each student in achieving their full potential technically and artistically while encouraging them in their dance goals.


The book of Ecclesiastes states that there is a time and season for every event under heaven: “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.” A Time to Dance exists to instruct, encourage and inspire students in their season of dance to ‘make His praises glorious’.

We serve our families with uncompromising integrity, uplifting respect, and a high standard of technical excellence.

Safety and Health

Our dancer’s health is a top priority. A large part of our teaching philosophy and curriculum involves teaching the students about their bodies and their health through anatomy and incorporating strengthening, proprioceptive and stretching exercises in class appropriate to each level.

Performance Experience

Dancers have the opportunity to perform extra pieces if they become a member of our performing company, Encore Dance Company.

Year-end Performance

We enhance the performance experience by showcasing a 2-part year-end performance in a theater. This gives the students the opportunity to be a part of a dramatic production while getting stage and theatrical experience.

A Time To Dance’s American Nutcracker/The Nutcracker

Inspired by the American Girl stories, A Time To Dance has created its very own unique rendition of the classic Nutcracker tale. The traditional Nutcracker performance has also been incorporated into our repertoire in recent years. Auditions are held annually for dancers 6 years of age and up to participate in this beautiful holiday tradition that gives them the opportunity to share the joy and magic of the Christmas season through the art of dance.

Discover Your God-Given Talent

A Time to Dance makes every effort to awaken and nurture the artistic potential in students, so they can discover and steward the gifts and talents the Lord has given to each of them. We encourage each student to leave this world better than they found it by reaching outside of themselves to become instruments of God’s will and touch others for His glory.