Placement Classes

One free placement class is offered to all new students. A well-defined curriculum allows us to place each student in the best-suited level for their well-being and development. A student’s ability is considered above all other factors.

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    A Time To Dance offers a wide variety of classes for ages 2 to adult. Our school-year program includes classes in ballet, pointe, pre-pointe, contemporary, tap, hip hop, lyrical/worship, musical theatre, and a wide variety of dance and exercise classes for adults. Students who are registered in ballet also have the opportunity to join Overflow Ministry Outreach, a ministry opportunity that allows dancers to share their love of the Lord and the art of dance in the community. Make sure to check out the 2023-2024 Student Class Schedule to stay up to date.

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Dress Code

  • Fanfare or Jewels Ballet Classes

    • Pink tights, a black or pink leotard, and ballet slippers. Ballet skirts are optional. Hair should be in a clean ponytail or bun.
  • Midsummer, Onegin, and E'tudes Ballet Classes

    • Black leotard, pink tights, canvas ballet slippers. A colored leotard may be worn for Saturday classes. Skirts may be worn for pointe class. Hair should be worn in a clean bun or french twist.
  • Worship, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre

    • Any colored leotard and leggings, jazz pants, or dance shorts (shorts must have tights underneath). Shoe preference is determined by the instructor. Hair should be pulled back in hairstyle of choice.
  • Tap and Hip Hop

    • Modest street clothing that allows for movement. Shorts should be mid-thigh, and shirts must stay down when doing floor work. Tap requires tap shoes and Hip Hop requires clean tennis shoes. Hair must be pulled back in hairstyle of choice.
  • Adult Classes

    • Clothing suitable for exercise (leggings, long t-shirts, tank tops, etc.) and appropriate shoes (ballet shoes for ballet class, tap shoes for tap class, etc.) Hair should be pulled back in a clean hairstyle off of the face. Small accessories such as earrings, rings, and bracelets may be worn.

Additional opportunities include

  • Performance Ensemble – Encore Dance Project

  • Private coaching for all styles of dance

  • Overflow Ministry Outreach